Using the Sunscape Sales Meter Kit to Increase Sales

Sales Meter Kit Featured Image

In a perfect world, on a perfect day, you could arrive to consult with a residential or commercial prospect as direct sunlight streams through a window. That would make it easier to demonstrate the effectiveness of Sunscape Window Films, right?

A majority of your prospects likely contact you because they have some sort of concern with solar radiation, most likely related to solar heat gain. But the problem is you do not work in a perfect world, and the weather can be different every day, every hour, sometimes it changes by the minute depending on where you live.

Demonstrate the Effectiveness

These times can be challenging to demonstrate the performance of window films as you find yourself making presentations when there is very little, if any, natural solar radiation. Having product specifications, case studies, and references from satisfied customers can help. But, you really need to convince your prospect that window films perform and can reduce solar radiation while you’re on site. Successful sales are built on solving the issue that got you the opportunity to start with.

Start with the Heat Lamp and Glass Sample

Meter Kit - Heat LampThe Sunscape Sales Meter Kit, which is available to you as a Sunscape dealer, provides you with the tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of Sunscape Window Films. By using the provided heat lamp, glass, and Sunscape film samples you can demonstrate the effectiveness of our products. By simply having your prospect place their hand in front of the heat lamp they can feel the discomfort. Make sure you use a glass sample that is similar to the type of glass on their individual home or commercial building. Then place the same type of glass with film on the opposite surfaceMeter Kit - GT976 of the glass from the heat lamp, and let them place their hand behind it. This method can be very effective and convincing as it simulates heat gain and the reduction of solar radiation once Sunscape window film is applied.

Don’t forget to Use the BTU Meter

Meter Kit - GT967The Sales Meter kit includes a BTU meter which can be placed in front of the heat lamp. This illustrates the immediate reduction of solar heat once a film is placed in front of the heat lamp. A digital thermometer is also included and can be extremely effective as well. First get a reading with the heat from the lamp contacting an object, a darker color works best. Turn off the lamp, then place a piece of film on the opposite side of the glass to simulate the glass being tinted. Turn the lamp back on and get a comparable reading. Very impressive as “seeing is believing”.

Realize that the meter readings you will see are from the heat lamp which is simulating solar heat and should be used for demonstration purposes only. The Sunscape Sales Meter Kit comes complete with demonstration instructions, and the case is adaptable to carry a wide range of other technical meters you may find helpful in evaluating the current glazing types used in today’s window configurations.

The proper use of these types of sales tools also position(s) you as a solar control specialist and (demonstrates a higher level of) professionalism. After all you are a professional and creating a solid presentation will lead to satisfied customers.