Sunscape Window Films’ Chemical Technology

sun-glareMadico is very proud of the solar performances of our Sunscape line of window films. In particular, the ultra-violet reduction equals or exceeds 99% throughout the entire range of Sunscape products. Madico has long been a leader in advanced chemical technology. By utilizing ultra-violet inhibitors in multiple layers of adhesives and using high quality substrates, we have developed a line of stable, enduring solar control products that create a natural appearance.

Ultra-violet inhibitors or “absorbers,” as some suppliers refer to them, do offer reduced ultra-violet light transmission through a window. The initial benefit of these inhibitors or absorbers is to prolong the life of the window film itself. By using high quality chemical coatings, Sunscape Window Films offer outstanding solar performance over an extended period of time.

One by-product of this technology is protection of interior furnishings against harmful ultra-violet radiation. A second, more vital benefit the technology affords is to shield those inside the building from possible skin damage caused by UV rays. You can count on Sunscape Window Films to perform consistently for many years to come while offering a crisp, clean appearance.

Superior, long-lasting products are engineered and then developed in our advanced research and development department, which is founded on Madico’s “Best in Class” philosophy. You can count on Madico to utilize the finest technologies from our global resources and incorporate them as internal components of our Sunscape products.