Madico Adds Two New Decolite Films

Madico Adds Two New Decolite Films - Featured Image

As Sunscape Dealers you market your products and services to clients looking for solutions generally for some type of solar control for their exterior glass exposures. However a vast majority of glass is now used internally in both residential and commercial dwellings. While these glass areas may not require solar control, they do create opportunities for our new Decolite line of films that we recently released.

Decolite Offers Decorative Solutions

Decolite Offers Decorative SolutionsThese decorative, patterned type window films are used on glass surfaces to create privacy, and decorative designs immensely add to the aesthetic appearance of interior glass— giving it the elegant look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

New Additions: Dusted View and Frosted View

New Additions- Dusted View and Frosted ViewDusted and Frosted type films are the most popular versions.  We are excited about our 2 new Decolite products. Our new Dusted View and Frosted View will give Madico dealers the advantage to bid and compete on a profitable level against the existing competitors dusted and frosted films that are so relevant in today’s competitive decorative film market.

Request a Sample Now

Request a Sample NowMadico strives to provide our dealers with the finest window film products and marketing support available. Look for us to continue developing products that fit today’s market demands.

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