Use LinkedIn and Facebook Groups to Build Relationships for Your Business

Use LinkedIn and Facebook Groups to Build Relationships for Your Business - Featured Image

When you think about networking for your window film business, you probably think about having to attend chamber of commerce or other local networking events, but there are other options right at your fingertips. And they’re free!

LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups allow you to network without leaving your home or office. Closed groups are virtual meeting rooms, or forums, where people with similar interests can post questions and share experiences with like-minded individuals. By participating in these groups, you can show off your expertise and grow relationships, and potentially generate sales leads.

Join Window Film Industry Groups

Join the Window Film ProsWindow Film Pros is an example of one active community on both Facebook and LinkedIn in the window film industry. To be a member of this group on either social media platform, individuals must be involved with window film installation. If you aren’t already a member, you can join here on LinkedIn or here on Facebook, or both.

Don’t Make Sales Pitches

Don't Make Sales PitchesOnce you’ve been approved by the administrator of a closed group, you will be able to begin posting. Remember the goal here is not to make a sales pitch, but to take an active role in conversations within the industry, which can also help you keep in touch with what your potential customers are asking and/or want to know. Also, many members of the window film industry groups may be able to offer solutions to challenges you’ve been facing, or could provide partnership opportunities to help you grow your business in the future.

Check at Least Once a Week

Check at Least Once a WeekOnce you’ve joined, don’t forget to check the page at least once a week. Depending on your personal preference, either make sure your notifications are enabled or make a calendar item in your Outlook calendar—just like you’re going to a cocktail party. Set it up to be recurring: schedule 15 minutes for 9 a.m. every Monday, or whichever day/time you know you will do it.

If you belong to other professional organizations both nationally and locally, be sure to find out if they have closed groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. And try your local homeowner’s association, and any entrepreneurial groups or social clubs on Facebook.

Have you joined a LinkedIn group or Facebook group? How has it worked for you and your business? Let us know by sending us an email at

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