Show Off Your Happy Customers

Show Off Your Happy Customers - Featured Image

Building a lasting relationship is a great long-term goal when working with any customer or prospect. Clients with whom you’ve built a strong relationship will be more likely to promote your business and recommend your services to their friends and family. So why not show off those happy customers that are brand advocates for your business?


ValidationAs the old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and when you are promoting your business using customer testimonials accompanied with pictures of your happy customers, you are validating an honest and trusting business. When you use pictures of actual customers who are genuinely happy with your products and services, prospects will notice. Too often, companies take the easy route and purchase stock images that have been used by multiple other companies, which usually comes across as fake. Use your own photography instead!

Take a Picture

Take a PictureWhen you have a happy, satisfied customer, ask him or her if they would allow you to take their picture in front of the finished project. For example, if you’ve just installed window film to all of the windows of a local business, take a picture of your customer in front of the updated building. You can send them a follow up thank you card with the picture enclosed, or simply email them with the image attached. Be sure to ask your customers if they’ll allow you to use the photos on your website and/or social media platforms, as this is a great tool for promoting your business. You can download a photo release form here.

Utilize Photo Testimonials

Utilize Photo TestimonialsThere are several ways you can use customer photos to benefit your business. If you have a website, add the photos to a gallery. This is a great way to showcase all of your hard work and it shows that your customers are satisfied with their investment. You can also share them on social media, where your followers can see your work and share with others. If you attend home, garden, and design shows, add them to your pitch book. When potential customers look through your pitch book, they will see that you have credible experience.

Show Your Stuff

Show Your StuffIf you are currently working on a project you’d like for us to showcase, log in to the Dealer Support Center and submit your information today! We are always excited to see and hear about projects completed using Sunscape Window Films.

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