Four Tips To Enhance Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Four Tips To Enhance Your Business Social Media Presence - Featured Image

Social media has morphed into a tidal wave of networking for businesses both large and small. This communication creates infinite pathways between producers and consumers allowing for a dramatic incline in sales and commerce. According to Marketing Tech Blog, 46 percent of consumers use social media in their decisions to purchase products. In what ways could your social media improve to help sell window film? Read on to learn four key tips to enhance your business’ social media initiatives and turn more profit by utilizing these platforms strategically.

Increase Your Use of Visuals

Increase Your Use of VisualsAbout 65% of the population are visual learners. So it’s pretty safe to say that a majority of your target audience will respond more successfully to visual aids. In fact, according to HubSpot, content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without relevant images. Use photos of your products or photos of things related to your products to increase consumer interest. Branded content, a form of visual advertising, is also a strong way to attract consumers. Using color and larger fonts with photos or graphics will attract potential buyers more successfully than paragraphs of information. As a Sunscape dealer you can take advantage of free branded social media posts. Log in and check them out here.

Create a Strong Presence

Create a Strong PresenceThis doesn’t solely mean posting frequent content. With a strong media presence comes strong interaction. Get personal with your consumers. It is important that your business creates a reliable and sometimes an even more casual relationship with customers. Be accessible so that your target audience knows that you care about their opinions or concerns. Also, post content that is going to spark interaction. Keep track of which types of posts create the most interest and stay within the topic or guidelines of those specific posts.

Follow and Friend

Follow and FriendA lot of times, your target audience members are out there with no inclination of who you are. Do your research and find your target audience using the various platforms’ search engines. Follow or send requests to as many of these accounts as possible. This strategy gets your company name out there and can even be considered as some manual (and free) advertising.

Take Advantage of Advertising Through These Platforms

Take Advantage of Advertising Through These PlatformsAs 69% percent of American Internet users are active on social media, advertising through these platforms is a great way to get your business and product on consumers’ radars and draw attention to your social media accounts. Ad platforms like Facebook let you target consumers in your area as well as by interests. Try targeting consumers interested in energy conservation with messaging that explains how window film helps conserve energy and reduce high energy bills. For some other ways to make an impact in today’s digital world, check out “Revisit Your Marketing Plan for 2016.”

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