5 Affordable Ways to Market Your Business

5 Affordable Ways to Market Your Business - Featured Image

From leveraging Sunscape’s unrivaled dealer support to some tried and true tricks of the trade, here are five ways to market your business effectively without spending a fortune.

Unite and Conquer

Unite and ConquerAs part of the Sunscape dealer network, you have many tools at your disposal that can significantly reduce your marketing costs. One of the most powerful is Sunscape’s beautifully designed collection of ad templates. Not only will these ads make your brand stand tall in the marketplace, you’ll also save thousands of dollars on creative costs. We’ll even add your logo and contact information to the template at no cost. Of course this is just one of many ways that Sunscape helps you to market your business.


RecycleRecycling isn’t just for aluminum, plastic, and newspaper. We encourage you to recycle our social media posts by re-posting and sharing them. Let’s face it, creating relevant and engaging social media content on a regular basis is a lot of work. So we make your load a little lighter. EasyEnergySavingTips.com is another great resource to spread the word about the Madico brands that you sell. Here’s a refresher on how the site works and how you can recycle its blog posts.

Let Your Customers – and Numbers – Do the Talking

Let Your Customers – and Numbers – Do the TalkingTestimonials and case studies are persuasive tools that can edge out your competitors by building credibility for your business, and sharing them is as easy as posting them to your website or social media pages. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you Show Off Your Happy Customers, and if you want convincing case studies that are ready to roll, you’ll find them online at the Sunscape Dealer Support Center – accessible 24/7.

Two Magic Letters: PR

Two Magic LettersPublic Relations will always be more cost-effective and credible than advertising, and there’s a lot you can do on your own that doesn’t require the contacts and experience of a professional PR firm. The Internet gives you free access to plenty of good advice on how to get your story picked up by the media. Once you have press coverage, you can display it on your website and share it through social media and email marketing, which brings us to…

Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing is a very cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website, show off your expertise, and stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Learn more about why it works in this research-based article from Inc.

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