sunscape marketing

You may think you’re in the sales business but you’re really in the education business. You must educate prospective customers about why they need Sunscape window film and why they should choose you to install it. This is where the combined efforts of your selling skills and a professional marketing plan come together to create the perfect presentation.

Marketing Support

sunscape marketingAs a Sunscape dealer, you now have access to an expansive selection of marketing support designed to complement your sales efforts. We believe a distinguishable part of the Sunscape program is the ongoing, targeted sales support that you will receive in the way of presentation aides, professional literature and display materials, online training and lead generation support. And you can access them all right here in this section (see the drop down menu above).

Professional Look

A number of professionally designed marketing support materials are available for your use. Everything from brochures aimed at the perfect target audience to product demonstration aides can add credibility to your presentation. In addition, we offer a range of promotional items designed to help build brand awareness and separate Sunscape from other product offerings.

Sunscape Brand Hub

While you’ll find a comprehensive line of marketing materials right here on the Support Center, you can also find a library of images to create supplemental materials unique to your business in our Brand Hub. You should have received a separate login shortly after becoming an authorized dealer for this image library. If you didn’t, please email

Dealer Directory

The Madico Dealer Directory was created with dealers like you in mind. Once you sign up to become a Sunscape dealer you are automatically added to the Directory. Check if your correct information is included to make it easier for customers to find you online. If anything needs to be updated, or you need to be added to the Directory, contact us by completing this form.