Skin Cancer Awareness Month Starts with Window Film

Skin Cancer Awareness Month Starts with Window Film - Featured Image

Summer is approaching which means warmer temperatures and lots of sun. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and it is just another way of reminding the public of different precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid this cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to the most dangerous form of skin cancer, Melanoma, that causes nearly 10,000 deaths each year. Skin cancer is a serious concern, and the month of May is a great time to showcase all of the skin cancer fighting benefits window film has to offer.

Lack of Awareness

Lack of AwarenessWhen most people think of skin cancer prevention, they think of lathering on sunscreen, exposing as little skin as possible when outside, and avoiding the use of tanning beds among many other things. The majority of the public is unaware that window film is another way of reducing the chances of getting skin cancer. The IWFA recently released “What You Need To Know About Indoor Sun Protection!”, a video highlighting the lack of window film awareness among consumers through man-on-the-street interviews. While window film is slowly gaining popularity in the U.S., there is still a lot that can be done to increase awareness.

Indoor Sun Exposure

Indoor Sun ExposurePeople often associate skin cancer with overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays from being outdoors, so they only use sun protection when outside. But people can also be at risk of developing skin cancer when indoors. This is because the sun’s rays can pass through windows. Inform your customers that having window film professionally applied to windows can block up to 99% of UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

Inform Your Customers

Inform Your CustomersSkin Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for you to educate your customers about the key window film benefits related to reducing the level of sun exposure. Don’t forget we have also provided you with helpful tools, including the “Window Film in Your Community” animated video and infographic that you can use to share on social media and by email. Remind customers that now, more than ever, window film is a multipurpose product that provides an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.

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