Know Your Competition and Set Yourself Apart

Know Your Competition and Set Yourself Apart

Setting your business apart from your competitors is a key element of successful marketing. It may feel like there is little difference between you and your competitors’ prices and products, but if you research beyond those basics, you will begin to narrow down how to separate yourself and stand out in the marketplace.

Look at the comparable products and services of your competition. Do you offer an alternative or elite product (like Sunscape), a cost-effective solution, or an exclusive service bundle that can be featured? Isolate your specialized experience and knowledge that produces exclusive value, and promote yourself as the expert in a specialty that competitors can’t claim themselves.

Review your competitors’ ads and online presence. Do they promote products only and neglect customer pain points and expectations? Customers look for business messaging that demonstrates a true understanding of their needs. In your materials, put yourself in the customer’s shoes by matching their problems to your solutions.

Do you and your competitors contend for the same target markets? Think outside the common customer base and assign advertising dollars to a demographic that they have ignored. Get ideas from your contractor or automotive connections for untapped parallel markets to pursue.

Customer service is a powerful differentiator, so investigate your competitors’ reputation for handling inquiries and issues. Gather their customer responses (and yours) on social media or business review sites, and consider ways to promote the unique features of your customer support style.

What are your competitors’ brand personalities? Customers want to deal with real people and YOU provide a distinction that can’t be duplicated. It’s hard to be objective about yourself, so brainstorm with your best clients, staff and friends about what makes you or your company culture exceptional. Incorporate aspects of your background story or business passion into your marketing to engage more personally with customers.

Once you’ve determined what separates you from the competition, it’s what you do with that information that counts. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal like those you can find in the Literature section under the Marketing tab to create messaging that will highlight the edge you have over the others.

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