Celebrate National Window Film Day

Celebrate National Window Film Day - Featured Image

National Window Film Day is coming up on April 30th! As a leading architectural film installer and valued Madico Sunscape dealer what are you doing to recognize the day?

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) created National Window Film Day as a way to honor those who have helped build the window film industry as well as raise consumer awareness of window film and the variety of uses and benefits.

The IWFA has put together a number of resources for both dealers and consumers in honor of the day. Dealers can discover ways to help spread the word about window film and consumers can enjoy an informative video detailing a professional window film installation. We encourage you to share this video with your potential customers who may be on the fence regarding moving forward with their residential film installation.

The IWFA has suggested a few ways that everyone can help make NWFD 2016 a true success!

  • Share the news on social media – The IWFA’s Facebook and Twitter page are full of social media posts we encourage you to like, share, and retweet. We also encourage you create some of your own!
  • Join and promote our NWFD tweet chat – Join us on Twitter at 2:00pm (EST) on NWFD to help answer consumer’s questions.
  • Plan an event and invite your local community – This year, NWFD is on a Saturday. This offers the perfect opportunity to invite your community to an open house at your shop or office. Why not offer a demonstration of window film installation? As always, have a few snacks and be ready to answer your customer’s questions on the many benefits of window film!

However you choose to recognize the day, Madico Window Films thanks our valued Sunscape dealers for their support as architectural film leaders in the industry!

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