Celebrate National Window Film Day with Madico

Celebrate National Window Film Day with Madico - Featured Image

You’re dedicated, you’re committed. Heck, you’re the unsung heroes of the window tinting industry! And come April 30, 2015, we’re gonna put you center stage on National Window Film Day!

While you’ve been busy working to bring the UV filtered benefits of window film to the world one customer at a time, Madico Window Films has been brewing up something special just for you.


To show how awesome we think you are, we’ve created this free 18″ x 24″ poster for you to hang up in your office or shop.

Order yours now by calling 888-887-2022, or complete the online request form at the Madico website.

Supplies are limited – don’t miss out on this free offer. One poster per customer. And, oh yeah, rock on!

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