Sunscape Success Story: Sunblockers, Inc. and California Schools

Sunblockers and California Schools

For window film professionals, one of the main benefits of signing on to the Sunscape dealer program is learning what is working for other Sunscape dealers in the network. This includes ideas and strategies that are opening up new markets and bringing in leads for window film companies of all sizes and in all regions of North America.

At the second annual Sunscape Dealer Conference, held last month in St. Petersburg, Florida, attendees took in a presentation by a California Sunscape dealer who is helping school districts in his area to handle the new and very real challenge shared by schools everywhere: security and safety for students, teachers and staff.

Jack Audino speaking at Sunscape Dealer ConferenceJack Audino, co-owner with wife Suzanne of Sunblockers, Inc., spoke at the conference about his company’s experience presenting Madico window film as a safety/security solution for an elementary school district in Redding, CA. Here are the highlights of Sunblockers’ approach to winning the trust and confidence of school administrators, which resulted in increased protection for the schools, and in three contracts for Sunblockers.

  • Jack understood first and foremost that, in the aftermath of the tragic shootings in Newtown, CT, school safety and security is a highly sensitive issue. He is careful to offer the window film solution for schools as being of greatest importance and benefit to the children and adults inside the schools, and not to himself, his employees or Madico Window Films as simply a piece of business.
  • Because he regularly attends meetings of his local Board of Education, Board of Supervisors, and Chamber of Commerce, Jack was able to arrange a “lunch and learn” gathering for members of these organizations. Here, he educated members about his own company, about Madico Window Films, and about the peace of mind that security film provides. Three school superintendents approached Jack following the meeting, wanting to learn more. Jack made appointments to visit various schools, take measurements, and offer security assessments.
  • Once Sunblockers wrote up proposals and assessments, Jack met with each school superintendent to review them, and to assure the officials that he was concerned with safety of the children first, and that making a sale was secondary to this.
  • One superintendent immediately approved the proposal for his district, and a contract in excess of $150,000 was executed, for installation of over 24,000 square feet of Sunscape SL-8 film to eight schools, and RS-20 and Gull Wing films to one computer technical facility and a few of the school offices. This superintendent wrote in a letter to Sunblockers: “We decided to use Madico films to cover every window…it was the best decision we made. We are more than pleased about the quality, the price, and the installation process. From the installers to our sales representative, Mr. Jack Audino, everyone was very professional, courteous, and respectful of our staff and of the need to go about our regular schedule without disruption. We are 100% satisfied. Thank you Madico films and Jack Audino!”

Jack Audino and Sunblockers are currently doing smaller installations in other area schools while they await approval from other school districts, and they are moving further out to surrounding counties as well.

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