Rock National Window Film Day With the Tools We’ve Provided You!

Rock National Window Film Day With the Tools We've Provided You - Featured Image

You’ve already decided to “rock on” this National Window Film Day with your free Madico poster, but what are you planning to do to educate your customers about the benefits of window film on April 30th?

If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck. We’re giving you several tools to help you prepare for the big day. Now all you need to do is use them!

Window Film In Your Community
Window Film In Your CommunityYou can educate your customers and potential customers by sharing the “Window Film in Your Community” animated video. Posting these two items on social media is an easy and effective way to show the versatility of window film to your audience from their homes to office buildings and restaurants. So don’t forget to share the animated video and infographic on National Window Film Day!

Easy Energy Saving Tips
Easy Energy Saving TipsSince National Window Film Day falls in the spring, you can also attract potential customers who are in the process of spring cleaning by posting some of the Easy Energy Saving Tips blog stories. People who are interested in making their windows look like new and cutting energy costs will enjoy these types of posts to your social media pages. There are several blogs that focus on energy efficiency benefits of window film including Managing the Sun’s Heat with Window Film and Window Films Save Energy and Money for Small Businesses. Sharing these articles is another way to increase awareness in customers and potential clients that window film allows them to live comfortably while reducing their electric bill. There are many other Easy Energy Saving Tips blog posts focusing on window film, so be sure to share with your customers.

Additional Resources
Additional ResourcesThere are also other window film resources that are posting industry-related content on a regular basis. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recently sponsored a survey to address the dangers of UV rays from indoor sunlight and posted a summary of the results on its webpage. This survey was conducted in early February to educate the public leading up to National Window Film Day. There are also National Window Film Day related images that will be posted on Madico’s Facebook page that can be shared on your own Facebook page. The more often this window film content and images are shared with your followers, the more they will know why they should have window film installed.

We are excited to celebrate National Window Film Day, and we hope you are too! Take this opportunity to implement all of the window film tools we have provided. Communicate with your customers and get them excited about how window film can be applied in their everyday life.

Click here to download the “Window Film In Your Community” infographic that shows how window film works throughout your community.

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