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Window film professionals like you are busy people. Running a business each day means there are a thousand and one things to do. If you complete half of what you hope to accomplish in a day, you usually count it as a success. A productive and wise use of your time is key to what you do.

A recent survey of Sunscape window film dealers reinforces the point (thank you to those who participated!). A strong majority of respondents, to questions about their use of the content available on the Dealer Support website, mentioned “lack of time” as the main reason for not visiting the site.

The Madico team understands this, and we are realists. Sunscape dealers are not going to land jobs, or sell and install film, if time for bids and sales calls is sacrificed to reading website content. The fact is, however, that the articles, ad templates, forum, and webinar gallery you see on the Sunscape Dealer Support site are there to help you do exactly those things – win jobs, sell yourself and your business, and strengthen the Sunscape brand.

So, if the question is, “when will I find the time?”, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

Bite-size pieces. Most of the content you’ll find on the Support site is designed intentionally for busy people – the articles are short, they get to the point quickly, and they give you information you can use today. Log in to the site if you’re eating lunch at your desk, or if you have ten minutes to fill between appointments. You’ll pick up something useful, whether it’s a marketing tip, a new comment from the dealer forum, or a bit of industry news.

Make it a habit. One easy way to keep tabs on what’s new at the Dealer Support site: check your inbox. Every two weeks you receive News From Madico Sunscape, the email newsletter. This can be your trigger to log in to the Support site – a rather infrequent trigger, but it’s a start!

Be a time manager. If you’re not regularly spending a little time educating yourself with the kind of content you see on the Sunscape Dealer Support website, your time may be managing you, instead of vice-versa. Type “time management tips” into your web browser to find a whole world of hints and tools you can choose from. Here’s just one short article from Madico marketing partner Marketing In Color that will get you thinking about how your work time is spent.

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Sunscape Designer Window Films allow you to embrace the sun while creating safe, energy-efficient environments. With Sunscape, you can block nearly 100% of harmful UV rays, provide comfort and save on your energy bill.
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