Make Your Marketing Dollars Go Further


Everyone knows that marketing can greatly impact the success of any business. But if your time and money is limited (and whose isn’t?), here are a few suggestions to spend less – and achieve more.

Take Advantage of the Sunscape Dealer Support Center

Take Advantage of the Sunscape Dealer Support CenterAds like the one below were created to help you sell Sunscape window films. The ads carry the professional look and feel of the Sunscape brand, giving you a leg up on your competitors when it comes to credibility. Creating ads like this yourself would be very expensive, but these are available to you at a minimal cost. Plus, you can earn up to 10 percent of your purchases in co-op credit by taking advantage of this program. Ads in local publications and direct mail programs like Valpak, which can target homes in your location, are a great way to gain new customers or raise awareness that paves the way for follow-up telemarketing and other lower-cost marketing initiatives.


When it comes to the Sunscape Dealer Support Center, professionally designed ads are just the beginning. You can also find a wealth of other free offerings to enhance your marketing efforts, including branded posts and articles to share via social media that spread the word about the benefits of Sunscape window films. If you haven’t visited this online resource lately, check it out. Its new resources can help you engage new customers. And if you want a personal tour of the support center, sign up for our webinar on Thursday, May 26, from 3-4pm. We’ll take you through all of the offerings and how to use them.


Good Old-Fashioned Referrals

Good Old-Fashioned ReferralsA referral program is an easy and cost-effective way to market your business by essentially turning your customers into salespeople. You can gain new business from referrals by simply asking your customers to tell others about your business. Read more about referrals here.

Digital Cost-Effectiveness

Digital Cost-EffectivenessFrom social media and email marketing to blogs and banner ads, digital mediums are much more affordable than traditional advertising. Build your email database by offering ongoing giveaways or hyper-target your audience on social media channels, such as Facebook. Ongoing blogs can help drive more visitors to your website. And regular social media posts – especially those that people will share – will keep introducing your business to new prospects.

To delve deeper into how you can get more out of your marketing dollars, Inc. offers up this sage advice: “Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck: 3 Ways.”

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