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For anyone who runs a small business, hiring employees is a big risk, but it’s also a great opportunity. Whether you’re hiring one person to handle office management responsibilities, or hiring a sales team, these decisions are among the most important ones you will make.

As the owner of a window film business, you probably wear many hats on any given day — maybe even within any given hour. So choosing someone you can trust to take over some of the responsibilities associated with your business can be tough. 

The hiring process can be very involved, but here are five tips to help you identify the best people for your business:

  1. Define the job dutiesDefine the job duties. Before you can even begin the hiring process, you need to clearly define what you want the person to do. Consider all responsibilities and write them into a detailed job description. Not sure what to include? The U.S. Small Business Administration (sba.gov) has an abundance of resources to help with the hiring process including how to write an effective job description.
  2. Spread the wordSpread the word. How you advertise your job opening can depend on several factors, including the type of person you want to attract and your budget. Some positions may be appropriate to promote by networking through your customers, current employees, or friends. For jobs requiring specialized skills, you may want to consider a more targeted outlet like an online job search engine (Monster or Indeed), or a local employment agency, although these typically require fees.
  3. Ask the right questionsAsk the right questions. There are countless articles written about the best interview questions that can be found online, including this one by a bestselling business writer and contributor to Inc. Magazine. The bottom line is you want to make sure you get a good sense of how the person will fit with your team and your company’s needs, as well as evaluate their ability to follow directions or guidelines associated with the job.
  4. Make sure you like the personMake sure you like the person. This may sound like a given, but when you’re comparing candidates on paper it’s easier to focus on their skill set, and overlook the reality that you need to be spending time with this person every day. You need to want to spend time with the people who are on your team, especially if you want to successfully grow your business.
  5. Check their referencesCheck their references. Before you make an offer, check your top candidate’s references. No matter how much you like the person or want to believe they are being honest on their resume and during an interview, you should always contact references to make sure you’re getting the facts straight.

Hiring new employees can be a challenge, but with these helpful tips in mind, the process should run more smoothly. You can find additional resources for hiring employees, including free self-paced online training courses and quick videos, on the SBA Learning Center.  

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Lauren Messing is Marketing Specialist for Madico Window Films. She can be reached at lmessing@madico.com.
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