The U.S. Small Business Administration: Use It!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get a direct return on the taxes you pay to the U.S. government as a business owner? You can, by taking advantage of the resources offered by a government agency founded specifically for the purpose of aiding businesses like yours!

The U.S. Small Business Administration website contains a wealth of information, tools, instruction, and opportunities for funding that every taxpaying business owner ought to know about. In the SBA mission statement, the point is simply put: “The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses.” Whether your Sunscape dealership is a one or two-person startup or a segment of an established company with a dozen employees and a million in sales, you will find something to help you at the SBA website.

In fact, spending just a minute or two clicking around in the SBA website will lead you to conclude the obvious: there is an enormous amount of material there! If you’re wondering where to start, help is here. The Sunscape Dealer Support website will link regularly to SBA content through articles published for your use in the Biz Resources section of the site.

We’ll choose content from the SBA site that is likely to be an asset to your business and the way you operate. Businesses vary widely, of course – in size, age, mission and markets – so not every single article or link will pertain to your business. But when you visit the Dealer Support site frequently, and combine what you learn here with your own exploration of the SBA website,  you’ll increase your knowledge and help your business grow.

Here’s one way you can jump in on your own at the SBA website. Pick a business topic you’d like to know more about – for example, marketing. When you click on SBA Direct, you can check the “Marketing Your Business” box and have that topic filtered. This gives you instant access to articles, webinars, and other resources relevant to marketing. SBA Direct is an express route to what you’re looking for in business assistance.

Be sure to spend some time exploring this tremendously valuable website, and watch for more content from it in future posts here at the Dealer Support site.

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